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Audio Restoration
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My main research interest is to apply Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques on Signal Separation and Audio Restoration.

Blind Signal Separation

I started my Ph.D. studies in October 1993 with the Signal Processing and Communications Lab., Dept. of Engineering, Cambridge University, under the supervision of Dr. Rayner, the funding was kindly provided by the Croucher Foundation. My main research interest was Blind Signal Separation, which involves separating signals from mixed observed data only, for examples, separating voices from speakers who are speaking simultaneously.

Audio Restoration

I worked during July 91 - Aug 93 as a system development engineer at a Cambridge based company called CEDAR Audio Ltd. It specializes in restoring degraded audio signal, the company has a close relationship with the dept. of engineering (CEDAR stands for Computer Enhanced Digital Audio Restoration).

List of People working on Independant Component Analysis (ICA) & Blind Source Separation (BSS)

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Victoria College
Signal processing Lab,
Engineering Dept, Cambridge University
Cambridge University
Cambridge University
Trinity College
Trinity College

(Cambridge University)

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