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Year 1 (1988-1989)
Year 2 (1989-1990)
Year 3 (1990-1991)
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Year 5 (1992-1993)
Year 6 (1993-1994)
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Year 8 (1995-1996)

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My Cambridge days

My Days in Cambridge October 1988 - January 1997

PhD Cambridge University July 1997

BA Cambridge University June 1991

The following was printed in the brochure of The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong.

How I spent my time at Cambridge - Dominic Chan (Trinity, 1988)
When I was asked to share how I had spent my time at Cambridge (88¨C97), I could have told you how much I had benefited from the Cambridge education system; how much satisfaction I derived in organising activities for CU Chinese Society whether as the president (90-91) or as an active member; how much I had enjoyed teaching young children to speak and write Chinese at the Chinese Community School; how many sleepless nights I spent producing video movies for Cambridge Movies Workshop; how much travelling I did during my time as a student; how much fun I had during birthday parties and cookouts; why having strawberry and cream with champagne while punting along river Cam in summer time is so enjoyable ; how having afternoon tea at the Orchid garden is equally fun; why May Balls are in June; what an achievement it was to have tried all the formal hall of every undergraduate college and most post-graduate colleges; how joyful it was at Senate house on graduation day; how much tears I shed when things did not go well; and the list goes onĄ­.

What I really want to tell you, however, is the many great friends that I made who share all these fond memories with me. And that is why I am very excited to be part of the Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong. It aims to strengthen this unique Cambridge bond, continue the process of enlightening each other and support promising students to take advantage of the Cambridge experience. For those who are about to take on the same journey, I wish you an equally fulfilling Cambridge life ahead of you.

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