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Step 3: Configure the host

The web hosting companies usually have very good and detail manual to help you to configure your web environment. Let me show you a few items that you will usually encounter.

  • DNS name:The world knows about your domain through a large number of servers called Domain Name Server (DNS). Their purpose is to translate a domain name like to the IP address such as, so the internet knows where to send and get data from a physical server. So you need to inform the company that host your domain name the DNS address of your web hosting company. Usually, 2 DNS server addresses are provided (so there is at least 1 backup). In other words, you need to tell the domain name company (and subsequently all the other DNS servers in the world) where to look for your web server.
  • Email account: Usually there is a master account called "postmaster", this is the account that you cannot delete. You can creat many more accounts that can be access through web-based mail client and usually with POP and/or IMAP access. POP and IMAP accesses allow you to use email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express.

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