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Step 2: Find a web host

Now that you are a proud owner of a domain name. You need to find a hosting company to host your domain, so that people can find it.

Some suggested web hosting companies that meet the criteria of the attribites described below.
Exhibit 2-1


The items that you should look for (don't worry if you don't fully understand them): Look for an annual plan or a monthly FLAT-rate plan that includes everything that you need. They vary from US$5-15 a month. Don't pay anything more than US$15/month. The annual plans are usually cheaper.

  • File space limit: for perosnal use, ~100Mb should be sufficient. The more the provider gives for free the better, typically over 300Mb
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access to your files. This is by far the easiest way to upload and manage your files
  • Connection bandwidth to internet/ hosting environment: This will determine the speed that other people access your web site and the service quality.
  • Web server configuration: Is it a Linux or Windows NT? What CPU speed? Amount of RAM and harddisk space.
  • Email:
    • Number of accounts allowed (Usually unlimited)
    • POP/IMAP/Web mail access
    • Mailing list management
    • Auto-response / email forwarding service
  • Interactive script support, dedicated CGI-BIN: Peal, ASP, CGI, PHP etc
  • Database: Usually at least MySQL database is given
  • Telnet / SSH access to your account: Another tools to manage your account
  • SSL: Use of SSL for secure transaction
  • Web-based control panel to manage your domain
  • Service support: Easy to use web/email base service support


PowWeb Hosting - $7.77 / month!

StartLogic - Affordable Webhosting
20GB transfer for $7.95 a month
2000 MB Web Hosting, 2000 Email only $7.50/mo
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